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Discover The 5 Secret Ways to Acquiring Funding For Your Business in 14 days or Less
Mikyle - Presenter
President - National Corporate Credit
Hint: These secrets allow me to acquire $583,334 per month for business owners and entrepuers.
Join me as I tell it ALL!
Mikyle - Presenter
President - National Corporate Credit
In this training, you will discover...
How creative financing can be used to quickly grow your business!
The 3 C's of funding and how to use them to maximize your funding potential.
Discover how to take advantage of your "good" credit and the role it plays in getting you funding.
** Bring The Following **
  •  Bring Pen, Paper, and a list of Questions
  •  Questions - will be answered anytime during the event for webinar guests
Meet Your Presenter...
President - National Corporate Credit
Mikyle G Jessen is a leading expert in raising capital for new and growing businesses. Mikyle started his entrepreneurial journey during the Great Recession of 2008. At the current age of 28, Mikyle has raised more than $250,000,000 for American businesses and has been featured at Nasdaq, CNBC, and Harvard Business School. 
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