Join The Live Webinar with Mikyle Jessen
"Discover The 5 Secret Ways to Acquiring $153,247 and  Funding Your Startup Business in 14 days or Less "
Hint: These secrets allow me to acquire $583,334 per month for business owners and entrepuers.
Join me as I tell it ALL!
Dwayne the Money Man
Mikyle Jessen - Presenter 
CEO - National Corporate Advisors
Thursday, Aug 30, 2018 @ 2 PM EST
"Discover The 15 Secret Ways to Obtain $153,247 and Finance Your Startup Business in 27 days or Less "
Hint: These secrets helped me acquire and build a 24 rental units portfolio and 2 businesses without using any conventional financing.
Join me as I tell it ALL!
Tuesday, May 08, 2018 @ 3 PM EST
louis Solomon - Co Presenter
CEO - Vivid Aquisitions
Mikyle Jessen - Presenter
CEO - National Corporate Credit
In this live webinar, you will discover...
How creative financing can be used to quickly grow your business!
The 3 C's of funding and how to use them to maximize your funding potential.
Discover how to take advantage of your "good" credit and the role it plays in getting you funding.
** Bring The Following **
  •  Bring Pen, Paper, and a list of Questions
  •  Questions - will be answered anytime during the event for webinar guests
Meet Your Presenter...
Mikyle Jessen
CEO- National Corporate Credit
Mikyle G Jessen, a 28 year old entrepreneur from Elgin, IL, Mikyle grew up working in his mom's dance studio business.  
Tap dancing since a young age and learning the fundamentals of providing great customer service in a small business.  
Mikyle went to the small business community and began offering funding solutions at a time when business lending was at a historical low point. The field was empty as most existing players had been washed out from the financial crash. Starting with small amounts of $50,000 helping businesses get a bank loan, he has since raised more than $250,000,000 for American small business owners helping them fuel their entrepreneurial growth through VC, private investment, and the good old fashion funding solutions that started the entire journey.
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