Email and Database Cleaning

Protecting your company from lawsuits and sending unwanted emails is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your long term success.

Did you know that sending an email to someone without their permission can cause your domain to be blacklisted?

Have you heard of the United States Do Not Call Registry (DNC)?

Are you aware that if you call someone on this list (even accidentally) it can open you up for a potential lawsuit? Did you realize that emailing someone on a a list that has not been cleaned, can have your domain affected where your domain can be listed as a spam sender which would affect your overall traffic to your website?

Most people don’t understand how all of this works, WE DO!

We help protect you and the safety of your business by screening all of your email contacts before you load them up to your email marketing campaign portal. We guarantee that your email marketing is protected and done the right way and most companies will never do this for you. We clean all of your database contacts against the National Do Not Call list registry to make sure anyone you decide to call is not on the DNC so you do not get entrapped to calling someone and get sued for making the wrong call.

Your success is our success and so is your failure. We make sure there are no pitfalls to avoid as you grow your business with our marketing and branding services.

Our plans start at $1250.00 monthly for less than 75,000 contacts

75,000 contacts and above the cost is $2000.00 monthly to clean and guarantee your lists and database are secure to send and call.